Elo MM Logic?


Hi there. I have a Question about the elo system. How is that work or it is never work. Every Game the elo skill is so much different in both Team. Beginner or Ragequiter. My Last Game was good in the Beginning and in the second Half both Lev 1 !!! are quit. They dont Comunicat or what ever. On was by elo 480. 480!!! kidding me faceit? all other has 800+ And they get only a cooldown wow. And ruin the next game for 4 or 3 Epic. Why can this Griefer by Premium or What ever. Bronze is pure Elo hell, u cant Rank up in Solo. Never FPL or what ever THX for Nothing.


Hey @RickT.

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. As far as I know matchmaking system tries to create balanced matches based on average team elo.

If you think someone is violating FACEIT rules, please use reporting system in the match room.

For violations other than the ones described in the articles mentioned above, please submit a support ticket.


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