Elo gain/lose each match?


Can you get the amount elo gained or losed in a specific match?


Need same.
Maybe will be good add last_result in /players/ endpoint for every game?
Also i tryed find in other endpoints like /matches/ and /players/history and i not found any elo objects


is that forum dead? where is developers answer?


Looking at this myself, there is definitely no way to return the Elo for a match that has been played unless i am missing something.

I know for a fact the calculations are possible to work out yourself though.

As an example you could look at the following extension for Chrome which does this already:

It’s probably, for CSGO, something alone the lines of +24 elo for a win of the same elo difference and increasing or decreasing by the difference in total team MMR (skill rating of each player).
If i wasn’t too lazy i’d go and test it by trial and error myself.

It would be beneficial if FaceIt added an endpoint for this.



I would assume the FACEIT Enhancer extension uses the API that the FACEIT website uses (not the Data API v4 that we have access to)

That API shows the elo that you had at the end of each match, however to my knowledge developers are not allowed to use this API (I think it is only for FACEIT to use)


I couldn’t find anything related to gained/lost elo in the Data API aswell. :confused:

Please FACEIT, add it to the API. It’s been in the API v1 (well, not directly, but you were at least able to see the previous elo, and could do the maths by yourself).


Gonna bump this thread.

FACEIT please notice this.


Can we get an answer now maybe??



I’m going to talk about this thread with our guys.
I’ll write you here updates, if any.

Thanks for the feedback!




I need it.