Elo Feedback



At some point Faceit needs to reconsider their bland and quite honestly ineffective ELO System, Your current system you have no way to account for players whom are being forced to grind 150-200 Games because your system is intended to produce a 50% win rate instead of allowing higher skilled players compared to their ELO division to move up within the ELO brackets. I can give some personal examples for Consistently being forced into this 50% Winrate model.


This are the stats for my Last 20, now i will give you a second to guess what 21 KPG 0.83 KPR per game in terms of Win % will give me.

50% Winrate is your answer.

For reference higher than Devices All time Major stats


Instead of a Total Elo given for a W/L based on “Total” Elo

ELO should be distributed through expected score based on Total Team ELO, recent activity of the account & Total KD/ADR Ratios divided by 5

Not to mention these “ELO Brackets” are Incredibility skewered based on your Elo enabled Hubs which have a MUCH higher or Lower difficulty based on amount of players within the small or large Hub.

For Example Pregame has a base players of Under 500? thus even if every single player whom subbed for Pregame was to play in the same division its still the same pool of 500 players. Thats Aprox 0.001% of the 30 day average player base in CSGO

The Current system of allowing ELO simply to be distributed through a W/L is not sufficient