Electricity is gone


Got banned because reconnected a little bit more than 5 mins, cuz electricity in my flat is gone, can i get unbanned pls, or at least get banned for less than 1 day?


That`s your responsibility.


But what could i do with that?How am i able to predict it?


You don’t need to. If you will have electricity breaks you should have been informed someway. Otherways deal with it!


I live in Russia, it can happen anytime, so i should stop playing?


You should consider great time for playing games. If it hapends multiple times a day than yes.


yes, it usually happens if the weather is bad, but now it just turned off for no reason


Now you know when you will need to take a break.


i always knew it, but now it’s fine:not snowy, there isn’t even cloud on the sky


and now because of this accident I don’t have time to complete the mission, cool!


This is a difficult situation. Faceit will never change the automatic bans if that’s not related to server problems.


they can just do reconnect time more, a lot of people doesn’t have good PC to reconnect fast, or it will be usefull in situations like mine, when it doesn’t depends on guy who plays


anyway they removed it rn, thanks for discussion and ur try to help

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