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Hey there!

So…smite on faceit was off for a few days because of the patch hi rez has released on friday, but now the game is back up on the website, but there are no more swimming in gems ladders!!
Can you tell us why?Can you just talk with your community, i know we are just a few people on the website, but still we deserve to know what its going on!
And what about the league divisions?? I know you made only 3 divisions, but the points are so low…

Its SMITE dead on faceit or not?

Have a nice day!


That’s right. I wish things to come back to normal.


Can you tell us what is happening ?


Well it’s kinda not fair to only get 2k points for a ladder that stays 8 hours also to get pts I have to be from the top 3 positions which are really unfair for low skill players , Also about the master league changes I don’t really care about the fewer points but the fact that players level 6 ~ 5 can join master league is kinda frustrating , Because as a level 10 with about 2600 the match making matches me with the lowest elo players against the highest elo it can find which is really unfair for every lvl 10 I mean it’s kinda non-sense to grind to level 10 since I am not benefiting from it at all except getting low-level players on my team against good/medium players also I would like to see ad’s on the actual game about FACEIT in the game itself I mean it’s kinda obvious why Smite faceit is dying because of the 0 advertisements in the actual game.


Will someone from the staff reply to us? Are you just gonna ignore our voice?


Hi all; The Swimming in Gems Ladder were a promotional Ladder at were scheduled to run from when we launched until now. At this moment, we do not plan for this Ladder to return to FACEIT.

What happend to Smite Swimming in gems?

so what are you planning? give us some info?
How can we get faceit points now? one will play in daily! The league division points suck aswell!
I dont know what you are doing…



If you dont replace The Swimming in Gems Ladder you can simply remove Smite from your website, there is not enought smite player on it for normal ladder 'cause you didnt do enought advertising for this.


R.I.P Smite in Faceit, say goodbye to the gems :(, 2 years here and this is the end, this is so sad



Ok yea Faceit is Dead. O sob it was good while it lasted. 73K+ Gems earned since October 2016 but all must come to an end.

RIP Free Stuff :frowning: sigh.


Come one @Kaostic give us more details, dont be like this! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys; outside of this, I don’t have any more information to give :frowning: - I’ve been told that this was the date that it was always planned to end, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be renewed.


@Kaostic…this is bad…nothing else to replace the ladders…this is so fucked up!


Who decide this ? and who got informations about smite on faceit ? Cause that’s maybe it’s up to these people to come here.

@Dragos5xE yes it’s the end for smite on faceit and ranked arena


Hi @Kaostic how are you? since you are the only person in faceit staff that open this page and read this i want to ask you just one thing who put swim gems ladder in the first place or better ask who can create ladders?
if its too much to ask can you refer us to your site policy about your gamers? we are kinda of lost of what this website want from his smite players?!!! if you want us to play in your site make it user-friendly if you dont want us just fucking delete the shit who can make this calls where we can’t talk to him???!!! we just want to ask him to help us help him. i believe faceit website make some kinda earning from his smite players.#facesmite