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я выиграл кофту на ecs hub, заняв там второе место. Сколько уже прошло времени, кофту не вернули. Адрес я вводил


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I won a jacket at ecs hub, taking second place there. How much time has passed, jacket is not returned. The address I typed


There is a few different time parameters in regards to when you will receive the item you have ordered. In order to know please take the time to find the specific listing below. If we have exceeded this time requirement please do not hesitate to send us a ticket.


Please read this support article:


6 weeks have passed



If you have ordered a piece of clothing then we will also ask for the size you would like delivered as well.

After receiving and confirming the address you have sent us, the order will start processing which can take up to six weeks.

You can check the progress of your order in your settings section of your account here - My Prizes

Please Note: The shipping is not included in this waiting time. Once the item has been shipped the status will be updated in your account settings and if you do not receive the item with in 6 weeks from the shipping status being updated then please do send us a ticket.

If you want to send a ticket, you can do it at