Easily Top MM Service in the business (Problems & Solutions)

Hey guys, I just thought I’d leave a little feedback here regarding faceit’s ranking system.

First of all, I want make it understood that I enjoy faceit’s map-veto system, the Tournament/Hub system and the Dallas/Chicago server groups MOST of the time (Not so much the Denver group for obvious latency issues).

Getting into the reason for this feedback thread, The above mentioned features are the only things that I can find helpful/ fun/ motivating/ user-friendly in the faceit environment.

This next part will be a list of issues that “I” have and that most of the community will agree upon, as well as possible solutions for faceit’s dev team and admins.

1. Admin Power.
- Problem - The admins can be instant messaged during a game by the captain, but they can do very little in terms of fixing issues that are brought up to them. I haven’t even had one interaction with an admin that didnt end with “Do something after the game is over and we’ll look into the issue”. They cant even spectate the current match. (Which a certain nameless competitor of Faceit seems to excel at).

- Solution - I know that this requires more time of admins and more manpower in general for the company, though putting more thought and manpower into customer service (At least for paying members) will easily quadruple the player-base. (Many players will come over from MM and the un-named competitor for this reason alone).

2. Ranking System.
- Problem - Lets faceit (haha pun). Faceit’s ranking system is simple to say the least. Basing ELO gain and loss Solely on wins/losses and behavior index is counterproductive at its core. It creates a community that has a very slight possibility to get close (relatively) to their actual ranks but they will never fully get there. The percentage of players in the rank 2-3 range is staggeringly high compared to other ranking systems, which brings me to…
- Problem #2 - New Players being automatically placed into rank 3 creates the most obvious ELO hell that I personally have ever seen, both for those new players AND players with skill that are attempting to get out of that rank. New players should be placed based on Stats/Wins/Losses/RoundWins/RoundLosses/MVP’s/etc etc… It is the REASON that those stats exist.

- Solution - The ranking system for Faceit does NOT have to be as intricate or as diverse as matchmaking’s is. It just needs to be based more on the individual player rather than the team. Now before everyone starts yelling at me for saying that, here is why… PUGs are the main source of the player-base on any given day, and solo-queuing is the main choice of queuing for the majority of the community. In a solo-que PUG, (With the exception of the higher ranks 8+) Each player needs to rely on their own ability to win rounds. No player in their right mind would rely on their rando-teammates to have their back on the first round, and half the time for the rest of the match. support/assault doesn’t exist in most ranks when PUGing. Therefore the players that carry losing teams end up losing just as much ELO as the Brand SPANKIN New players on the team or the players in rank 2-3 that somehow got qued with a rank 6-7. With that being said, the win/loss system doesnt need to go away entirely. Just put in-place a system that affects the individual player’s ELO. Not the group’s, and allow for individual stats to play a role in placement of new players and ELO gain/loss.

These types of systems WILL have an ENORMOUS impact on the community and there WILL be an adjustment period, but I HAVE to believe that will easily place Faceit into the TOP SPOT in Match-Making services for CSGO.

If you are a member or just glancing and you agree OR you have something to add or change please reply to this thread and make the Dev’s at Faceit listen to us!