Dota 2 Experience



I am 29 years old, a veteran dota 2 player, 10k hours of the game, climbed 6k mmr and played some of leagues during my day.
In these 3 past couple of days I decided to play on faceit, just an experiment, not really expecting anything, I’ve played 5 or 6 games on dota ladders as a solo player, and as a human being I can’t understand what are you trying to do here. Children screaming in russian, spamming GG in chat for fun so they piss off everyone else by popping the window, as if you gathered all the drunks and whores in one place, but make them child versions of themselves. This is truly a nightmare and an utter waste of time, even if you win a dozen of prizes. I’m just curious what’s the deal here, cuz I don’t think there is one normal, sane player in these ladders that wants to play as solo or in a stack other than 5 man. Just a feedback! Cheers


Hey @2009, Thanks for the feedback - it’s always appreciated.

As far as your experience went, we are aware that in the free queues, especially at lower levels, there are some… questionable actions being taken by players. We are working to improve this experience for everyone, but, in the mean time, I would suggest you take a look at the Hubs available, as there are some great community run hubs there, some of which have paths to the Dota2 FPL!

You find them here:

Let me know how you get on!