DO NOT DELETE TO GET HELP. Face it is dead?


That you walk around erasing the post without saying anything at all only confirms that face it is definitely dead. Two fucking months ago I am waiting for someone to give me a solution to why it is wrong to connect the cs go to the account and nobody answers here. I sent a ticket to support as 6 times and sending all the data and I continue in them. How do you look if someone deigns to look at my tikect?

And certainly do not delete in the pots until the issue is resolved. Thank you


@Shepard - you are currently posting the same post over and over again which, in my book, falls under Spamming, which goes against our Forum Guidelines. Hence why the previous thread was removed as a duplicate.

If you wish to continue posting about the same complaint, you have every right, however, I will be merging them all into the same thread moving forward.

This thread is now closed. If you wish to, you can use this thread you already made: Face it dead ? probably