Dislike Faceit. I do not recommend it to anyone!



I bought a premium and that’s how my matchmaking happens! I consider it a theft and ask you to return my 500 rubles for a subscription!


Hi @Gunca - I’m sorry that you’re unhappy with the match you played. Unfortunately, as per our refund policy, you are not eleigible for a refund as you purchased it 8 days ago and, since then, have played approx. 50 matches.

Hopefully your future matches are better for you!

Initial Subscription Purchase and Refund Requests

If you have initially purchased a subscription from our platform and would like to request a refund please ensure your account meets the all the following criteria.

Your request is less then 14 days since the initial purchase of the subscription
You have not played any matches or redeemed any of the features involved in the use of the subscription on your account.

Once you have played matches the subscription is considered redeemed and is not refundable. If you have purchased the wrong subscription and played matches you are not entitled to a refund. Please ensure you have chosen the correct subscription package before proceeding with the payment.


I hope that you take action. No one will return my score for the premium league match in the table. Keep this in mind. I think the match is undeserved and the right to demand cancellation of its results.