Discourage kicking people


Kicking people should be a thing that is only used when absolutely necessary fx if people are destroying the game for you and are not trying to win at all. Just last game i got kicked and the reason was because i apparently didn’t hear a guys footsteps (because people were screaming into the mic) and died. This was really frustrating especially since i barely did anything wrong. I think the way to fix this would be to add a report option called “Kicking player(s) without reason.” and everyone who voted yes to this would then recieve a ban (maybe 24 hours or something like that?).

Also i think if you get kicked from a match you should be able to start a new one right away.

I hope you will take my feedback because it is very frustrating to have wasted 40+ minutes of your life and then just get kicked.


Also why the hell should i get banned for getting kicked?


Priority should be punishment for toxicity/Verbal assaults etc. With that being fixed people will have the will to play and win.


About your “ban” it’s a cooldown suspension. It’s the same cooldown as you would get if you disconnected from the game more than 4-5 minutes.


That’s my main issue. If i get kicked by a group of toxic people why would i get banned? It’s out of my control and i did absolutely nothing wrong so why am i getting punishment when they are the ones who should be getting punishment?


I agree. Faceits thumb-down system doesn’t work at all.

I just played a game, within the first rounds i have to mute 2 guys because of toxicity.