Disable Two-Factor Authenticator



Hello, dear Faceit Support!

I previously installed additional security when I signed in to my account. Recently I had to format the phone and the Google Authentifier application went away with everyone.

In Google, you can change or disable this method, but, on the Faceit in any way. I’ve already sent tickets to support 5-6 times, still have not been disabled. Can you do something about this?

You can go to the site through Fasebook, but when you are forced to install anti-cheat, there is no entry through Facebook.

Thank you in advance! Sincerely, Baur!

I had an idea to install a client. Because, there it is possible to connect through Facebook, and inside the client Faceit is an anti-cheat. : D

For a while, until they understand the Google Authentifier, you can use like this.


Hi @Zhapoq - just so you are aware, the forums are not a support method, outside of basic questions.

To disable your 2FA, you will need to submit a support ticket and, as you said that you have, do you have the ticket ids?


Hi @Kaostic! Thx for answer, but I don’t have the option to log in to my account on the support site, because it asks for a two-factor authenticator. So, I just typed my mail adress and send. In the mail, I didn’t receive any information about the notice that was read or sent to the ticket, so what my ticket id Idk.

As for the forum, I just wrote to the place to improve this system of additional protection. In other words, it turns out that the account owner himself loses his account because of him.


What was in the e-mail that you were sent?


FACEIT profile link:

Full name registered on the account:

Date of birth registered on the account:

Phone number of the registered phone used for the 2-Factor Auth:


Could you reply to the email? Replying to it would reply to the ticket.