Didn't get faceit points for ladder



i won faceit bronze ladder and didn’t get points

  • i win silver ladder , and they gave me nothing


I won my own ladder and did not get the points why?


Я был на 2-ом месте в 67 лестнице и мне ничего не дали.


I have 6th place… Wheres my FT points? check it - (bronze league - 42 rang room) https://www.faceit.com/ru/matchmaking/42e160fc-2651-4fa5-9a9b-829199e27adb/CS:GO%205v5/leagues?season=1&type=bronze&leaderboard=5bb471b2f4bbcc000773b6ca


I took the 6th place on the day ladder and they did not give me points


The same story. I was 2d in my ladder in silver league and didnt get points. Are u can fix it.
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me too, win 6d in my ladder and didnt get points


i got 4th place in bronze league. 47 ladder and i dont get my 3500 FP> help pls