Did ANYTHING change with the Faceit EU servers in the last few days?



I’m writing here because I myself and a few friends independently noticed something weird about the gameplay in the last few days.

I myself have a hard losing streak for 3 days and deranked 2 full levels already. Somehow, for 3 days now it feels like there is bad hitreg. Many times I stand still first, shoot first and should hit first just to see 27 in 1 after a 10 round burst at close range. The classical CS:GO’d stuff.

It happens on every server (SWE, GER and NL tried) and even on the ones with exceptionally stable var and sv values.

A friend of mine just contacted me and told me exactly the same and we hadnt talked for quite a while now. This just seems to weird and had even happened in the past too.

Which is why I want to talk about this and see if maybe someone at Faceit knows if anything about the servers maybe changed since ~ Monday.

I think this is an important topic that many people care about even if its often ridiculed online. The symptoms are real, and I try to find any clues as to what it might be.

Thank you