Developing LINUX and macOS client



hi, are you guys developing a client for LINUX or macOS? I am tired of playing on 64 tick servers and i don’t want to run a virtualbox or make a partisoin setup on my computer just to play 124 tick.
Iam defenitly not alone on this topic and i hope you guy are going to or are developing a client for Linus/macOS. if not, well, screw me i guess.


Use Faceit web client. Works the same as Win client.
There is answer about Faceit AC Linux anti-cheat


ok, but there is no anser for the AC there? and if i try to dowloade the client it only alow me to see the doc not install it


There is only Windows Faceit client and AC. They just prevent you to download because you don`t have right OS


so LINUX users can not play FPL or higer ranked games on FACEIT? since we don’t have AC?


Yes Linux anti-cheat
Because Linux and macOS is not for gaming purpose


i know, but programers like to play as well :((((