Я играл на карте de_train в FACEIT FREE LADDER 5v5, в конце первой половины у меня вылетел сервер ( Я пытался присоединиться в сервер раза 100. Зашел в сервер но после начало раунда ОПЯТЬ вылетел сервер ( И я не смог соединиться вообще. Перезапустил пк, еле зашел, и угадайте что произошло спустя раунд? Правильно! ( вообще не работал. Меня ЗАБАНИЛО НА 2 часа +6 мин. За что? За то что я пытался зайти на сервер?

Если это такое вознаграждение, то мне очень, очень не приятно брать вашу награду.

(-25elo + time ban)

Решите проблему с серверами с ip ( и ( В Казахстане на этих серверах играть практически не возможно. :confused:

I played on the map * de_train * in ** FACEIT FREE LADDER 5v5 , at the end of the first half I lost the server ( 27021 ). I tried to join the server 100 times. I went to the server but after the start of the round AGAIN the server flew ( 27021 ). And I could not connect at all. Restarted pc, barely went, and guess what happened after the round? Right! ** ( did not work at all. I`m banned for 2 hours +6 min. For what? For trying to log into the server?

If this is a reward, then it is very, very pleasant for me to take your reward.

(-25elo + time ban)

  • Solve the problem with servers with ip (** 27021 ) and ( 27023 **). In Kazakhstan, playing on these servers is practically impossible.

Write in english!

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You should read this article:

If you have any issue with server your team Captain should call live Admin!


game finished 1 hour ago, and my captain knows about my internet and ping, he just said to enemy about my location on chat, i reported him. But Do I really need to wait 1 more hour for continue my 10lvl faceit road? Because my captain was dishonest?


He dont even need to care because there was issue in your side.


If you have any issue with server your team Captain should call live Admin!



This is one of the option.


So I could not waste time to reconnecting and just leave the game? I mean, I wasted 2 hours of my time? And I just can not have a way to delete my ban?


Next time be aware or fix your issues before joining because only you had this problem.


i have a problem only with servers: and, I cant fix it cause it’s so far from my country. But other servers not have a problem with my internet. So, How Can I know about these ip before I find a game on FACEIT?