Deranked because of such cheaters. Meet them in every match


Game link :

First player : Steam Id : 76561198368291590

. Around 26 minutes 34 - 43 seconds, he locks on both me (sniper-ninja) and another player.

Second player : Steam id :BELVRUSS

Between 33 minute:50 sends and 34 minutes 17 seconds, he was able to bypass us by looking exactly where we are and knows exactly where the bomb is.

Minute 39 minutes 17 seconds and 19 minutes 18 seconds. He moves the mouse and shots between 2 tics : 301822 and 301824. He does it again after that in the following rounds.

Why such people still plays on CSGO ? Where are the machine learning that can detect inhuman behaviors ? Rather than playing CSGO naturally, I need to play so to avoid cheaters and try to find weak points in cheats. This is so frustrating. CSGO became a trash a huge one, particularly on faceit and at every level.