Demo Broken [Help]

So I downloaded a demo of one of my recent Faceit matches, however there seem to be jump cuts in the demo, where the screen fades to black and then fades back in, not only that but the voice chat of the enemy team isn’t present for like 95% of the match, only at the very beginning of each half and at halftime.

Another important thing to note is that the demo doesn’t really include parts of the match where there’s little to no action going on, almost as if it’s some kind of an Overwatch demo. I did report someone in the match on Faceit for cheating, however that shouldn’t affect the demo download.

I know that this demo issue has nothing to do with Faceit itself, because I tried watching demos of Faceit matches that I had previously downloaded a few months back, and I also downloaded a demo of my most recent Faceit match for testing purposes, and these demos are perfectly normal, it’s just the one demo that seems to have this jump cut issue.

Another important thing to note is that I wanted to record the demo and edit it so I can upload it to YouTube, so I launched CSGO, then started recording on OBS, then opened up demoui and loaded the demo, which could have been what messed it up.

Does anyone know what the issue could be or how to fix this?