Dear Admins, my friend got a false ban 5 rounds into the match


My friend bought faceit prem yesterday after convincing him face it was awesome.
We played 2 game and every thing was normal. Then he got banned for cheating when he wasn’t.
If the admins watch the reply its pretty clear he wasn’t.
Even his states are bad …
Is there any admins here that can help ??

This is my friend account. Hes pretty sad about this and hoped some one will reply to the email he send about it. In turn Iam posting on the forum here in hopes an admin will read this and look over his case. Show some compassion here he spend the money on a prem account to get banned the next day falsely.

No one gets false ban for nothing. He cheated.
If you have any question -

There are a lot of storys about faceit false bans :stuck_out_tongue: so thats pretty quick the jump the gun there mate

Get your facts together bud.

Remember this is community forum. If you have any questions about bans etc.

You are pretty a pretty rude person specially if you are a mod or the dev here. If your not then your just being a troll and useless all around. those are the facts there documented on the net, we all know face it has given false bans.

Another fact, your a troll and face it forum has no moderation apparently.