Dear administrator, I have a question feedback, I hope I can get your reply



faceit很服务器很稳定,很好,但是现在已经不支持windows 10 1709版本AC,1709系统运行csgo FPS很稳定,其他版本例如1803、1809都会不同程度的降低FPS,请尊敬的管理考虑一下这个问题,能不能通过技术手段解决。如有不妥之处,还请您见谅。


Dear administrator:
Faceit is very stable, very good, but now does not support windows 10 1709 version AC, 1709 system running csgo FPS is very stable, other versions such as 1803, 1809 will reduce FPS to varying degrees, please respect this management to consider this issue, Can it be solved by technical means. If you have any problems, please forgive me.


I never experianced FPS problems. Depends on what CPU you are using.