Data received from /players/stats is inconsistent


If one fetches data from /players/{player_id}/stats/{game_id}, the amount of segments (map specific stats) in the received object is not consistent by any means.



Hi Thomaxius,
can you be more specific about the issue?
From the fiddle you provided is not clear (and looks like it’s not working).

Let us know


The fiddle works just fine, you just need to put your api key in. And open the developer console…

Anyway, the api response looks like this:

The amount of objects in the segments array varies pretty randomly (as you can see in the fiddle). It seems that maps with 0 wins are left out sometimes.


Hi Thomaxius,
now I can see what you’re pointing out.
I get back to you asap with some news.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for looking into it.


same thing applies for getting tournaments. Sometimes, I can get until x offset and receive error and when I tried again I receive far more than x offset.


Hi Thomaxius,
the issue has been fixed! Check it out and let us know!



Thanks, seems to work now.

For learning purposes, any chance of telling what the problem was, or was related to?


FYI it was a simple bug in the code…nothing interesting :slight_smile:
I’ll close this thread.