Data loss

I am writing a friend’s problem instead of him because I want to make him happy.

In general, the distant 2017, I offered him to play on the FACEIT platform, he agreed and registered, we played 2 games with him, but due to the fact that we were then only initial titles (not silver, but stars) - it became difficult for us. I continued to play and train, my friend went to DotA, but in 2018, he wanted to come back and he played well even in ordinary matchmaking, but when I asked him to go to FACEIT he said to me with a sad tone:
Sorry, but I can not most likely, I forgot the password from the mail that I registered on the site. Yes, and the mail itself seems to be too. Since then, he wrote in those. support of the FACEIT group on, and Maxim Rudenko too, but they ignored him and now he wants to return again, I promised to help him, and I really ask the developers to help him. A little lower I’ll leave the profiles of FACEIT and Steam’s friend.