Data API v4 and SDK + Ionic question


First question:

When trying to request my profile data I get a 404 error request url.
However when requesting the profiles of some of my friends I get a 200 without any problems

Second question:

I tried to use oauth with flutter but I now changed back to ionic as it’s javascript based. I have problems getting it to work with ionic, so if someone has experience in using the sdk in combination with ionic it would be nice if you could help me a bit :slight_smile:


Hi Fantasia,
for the first question, we are checking the request you posted. If it is a bug, it will be fixed asap.

Regarding your second question: can you be a little more specific as to what troubles you are having? Have you included FACEIT’s js sdk as documented here:, and followed the guide which can be found on the same page, following paragraph? Or do you have a specific code snippet / error log you can disclose?


Thanks for your answer(s). I just checked and the first problem seems to persist.

To my second question. The problem is that Ionic is Angular JS based and I don’t how to get it to work with Angular or how I should handle the callback with Ionic/Angular


Hi Fantasia,
regarding your issue with ionic, we’re going to need a little context in order to help you out. Can you share any piece of code which you expect to work, and does not? And possibly the error as shown in the developer console?

Developer Tools Team


Hi Fantasia!
We have made some fixes, now you should be able to retrieve you profile using your nickname…thanks for the feedback!