Data API: Getting Hub Stats after Date


I’ve been ask to code something, which allows me to get player stats from a Faceit Hub. I’d be looking to get information on players after December 12, 2018, in a hub.

Is it possible to get stats after a certain date, using the Hub Stats uri call? If not, would you be planning on adding some form of date querying?

Many thanks


You could get the match history of a player between two dates, then filter the matches for your hub, e.g.

check on the match object

"competition_id": "9b34cacd-a75d-4e1f-b5a0-a8378065fb32",
"competition_name": "EAL Division 2",
"competition_type": "hub",

Then from there you could get the detailed stats for each match, combine the stats for the player


Hi LlamaGamer,
what Osbar suggested you it’s the right way to do it.


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