Danger Zone's ladder system is terrible

Ok, the Danger Zone queue has been actively these last days in NA at least, and half (or more) of the players playing Danger Zone aren’t even from NA.

The thing is that this ladder system is terrible; 2nd place wins 6 points, 3rd place also wins 6 points. If you have 6 points and you finish 8th in your next game, you lose all your points, just because.

What’s the point of playing this when if you finish 8th you will win 0 points, and if you don’t join you’ll also win 0 points and appear in the ladder???

This is a terrible system, some days ago I played a match and won it, and this guy who played two matches and finished 3rd or 2nd in both took the first place off from me, which means that it’s more important the amount of games you play instead of the amount you win?

Please, make it decent and make the first player win 16 points, the second 15, and so on, and don’t substract points for not winning or placing in a good position, it doesn’t make sense, it’s free for all.