CSGO To Play in Asia Servers from US, need advice



Hello Everyone

Recently my other cousins that currently live in the Philippines wanted to start playing Global Offensive with me (residing in US) the thing is that i am trying to get the game for them and i h ave bunch of questions

If I buy the game here in my US steam account and gift it to them, will they be able to use it or activate it since they are in Asia?

I know there will be lag but is it possible to play with them for match making and other stuff since were cross continent?

If so is there a way to lessen the lag? i heard about VPN stuff but im not really familiar with it.

Yea give me advice please, just want to play with the stuff

TLDR; Cousins from PH wants to play CSGO with me in US, how do i achieve this with minimal lag and atleast get into competitive matchmaking. Kinda need this real soon so let me know

https://appsync.biz/abcya/ https://appsync.biz/adam4adam/