CSGO Major matches stats not available (404)



I have a problem with fetching stats for Faceit CS:GO Major matches from data API V4. For example: request for recent match Mibr vs NaVi is seems okay:




returns 404 error. Is that behavior desirable? I am slightly confused, because player Coldzera- (Mibr player) faceit profile:

does not list that match - on the other hand - request to his matches history via API:


returns a list of matches and one of them is mentioned mibr vs navi

“items”: [
“match_id”: “e5fdb581-a2f8-4165-88e5-d4ea4a6d238e”,
“game_id”: “csgo”,
“match_type”: “5v5”,

As a developer I would expect that returned resources are consistent, especially in the same context (/matches). Is that a bug or am I missing something?



Hi Vint,
you are using Data API correctly.
Anyway, we don’t provide the stats for the finals of the FACEIT CS:GO Major, as that tournament was not a normal one. It’s an exception, due to more complexity of that competition.



Thanks Lorenzo, I understand. I guess there is no way to filter out that matches, so I’m gonna to handle that exceptions by myself. You can close this thread, thanks again for an explanation, have a great day and keep up the good work guys!


Thanks for understandings.
The only information you can get is the custom field in the tournament payload: if true, then the tournament can have some exceptions as is a special one.

Thanks for you feedback