Csgo is f2p



How will faceit deal with all the smurfs and cheaters now that CS:GO is f2p?


I was wondering the same thing. Maybe you should allow just prime accounts or something like that


I think Faceit and ESEA will allow only players with Prime Status!


Can we get any confirmation from faceit?


thats unheard of ! faceit is for everyone !!! im getting sick of faceit people somehow thinking they are the elite and no beginners can join , im silver 3 and u wouldnt believe the ammount of harrasment i get from typical faceit users about my skill , its incredibly toxic !!!
nowhere on the faceit website does it say u need to be at least semi pro to sign up !!
this is a good thing for faceit to get an huge influx of newer players with the f2p model , but already u are trying to segregate new ppl
you elitists should be ashamed of yourselves , faceit is for each and every csgo player


We talk about new CS GO f2p update that can bring new accounts and players who cheat with them.

Join ESEA and you will be kicked every game because of that. Faceit and ESEA is for next level gaming, players who have been playing MM and DM that long they have game sense, can play with sound etc. No one is talking about your rank. People just hate when other mates are useless and cant take criticism.
If you prevent people to grind to pro level you get “harrasment” or even a kick.