CS:GO Prime only


Oh c’mon faceit.
enable cvar sv_prime_accounts_only 1
I’m tired of cheating free2play users.
I remember good old times when Faceit was the best platform to play CS:GO.


Thats why I have Faceit CS GO subscription.


Basically, you are forcing people to buy your subscription to ‘enhance’ your CS:GO experience?
I’ve been a premium member for a 3 months, and faced RAGE cheaters on Premium matches. That summs everything up. You don’t care about players experience unless they pay some cash. That’s ridiculous… Is it hard to add this cvar? Even community public servers did it, yet you are telling people to buy subscription. I would agree if it was just once in lifetime. LIke, you bought it once for i.e. $19.95 and you got a lifetime premium only matches. So, what’s the difference between you and matchmaking? Tickrate? But I have more pleasant time playing in MM rather that playing faceit.

Just add this cvar or make a lifetime cs:go subscription.


No one is forcing you. For Faceit this is more players. For us thats stupid.
I dont mind buy Faceit premium and play without kids and players who dont care.
50euro for 1 year. Get my money.


I also have premium but only work with 1-3 players.

I have 4 friends and we need to play against lvl 1 cheating or smurfing hard.
Faceit needs to handel this problem soon.