CS:GO Not Registering


Sent a ticket to FaceIt support over a week ago now about my account having an error when I register CS:GO on it. Not had any reply at all and I can’t play until the problem is resolved.

I get this error:
“It looks like you’re connecting a game that you already have registered. Contact us if you have any issues!”

With no way of fixing it, other than asking support I’m stuck unable to play the game. As it says I’ve registered, but when I go to queue CS:GO it tells me I need to register that game.


What Steam account are you trying to connect?


My steam account, the one that is linked the FaceIt. Why?


This steam account has already been linked to another FACEIT account.


I didn’t think I had a FaceIt account linked to this steam account. How do I find my login details for it?


You can either use the recover password method or contact our support team and they can aid in the recovery: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/requests/new