CS:GO Matchmaking of faceit



Hello. In my opinion there is too many mix or 2-3 stack vs. full premade of 5 players games. In three days I played 22 games which many of them I played duo and few solo. 17 games were against full premade of 5. I would think about changing the matchmaking system and if not changing elo system for those kinds of matches. Playing against an actual team is pretty hard. I would rather wait 2 minutes and play mix vs mix than getting full premade as enemy after 10 seconds.


i got 6 matches in row now where my teammates are 3 premade on 5vs5 premium queue and only one match did this random 3 premade stack actually try to win or talk with us ;D kinda funny how they can allow 3premade stack i they aint gonna talk or teamplay