CS:GO - Match Finished with no Result



I just finished my won match several hours ago, but still no result on my face it statistics.
I do not have any screenshots to prove that I’ve played this match and won it.Also can’t give you a link for this match, Coz of I’m using the Steam browser for FaceIT, there is a no history.
Please, Can somebody help me with this kind of situation ?

My FaceIT profile link


Hey @mcenzo - If this is the match you’re referring to, then it is logged on your account, but may take some time to add to your statistics page. Apologies for the delay and any convience that this may cause!


Yes, it is


am sorry, this is not that game which i am talking about, that game was played on map De_Train


I’m not currently seeing any matches of yours past the de_dust2 one. There were a few issues this morning, so it may be that it will update later on today.

The match you played was through matchmaking on FACEIT and not on a community Hub, correct?


I am hundred percent sure that this game was played on FaceIT platform, Mr. Kaostic.
That will be great if this match confirmed sooner or later


I think he meant if you were playing a regular CS:GO 5v5, or a Tournament match on FACEIT