CS:GO Game Launch


To whom it may concern,

I’d like to start by saying Happy Holidays. I hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday Season and I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. My feedback is as follows:

There NEEDS to be multiple alerts when the voting process is over and “Go To Server” is available on the FACEIT Client when playing CS:GO.

I cannot count the amount of times games have ended because the 5th player did not join the live game.

I believe the punishment for not joining a game is fitting but when the voting is over there is NO ALERT to let players know to join the game.

I have gone to do something during the voting process only to find out I didn’t join the server. Had there been an alert that the game was ready to join I wouldn’t have wasted everyone’s time by not joining.

There needs to be a loud alert when the game is joinable, and the FACEIT client should alt-tab you from anything you’re doing and come front and center to let you know to join the game. There should then be multiple alerts (maybe every 30 seconds) if you don’t join the server.

The amount of times I have waited 6+ minutes only for the game to end is ridiculous, and Premium users should not have to deal with that. I understand there will always be some players who are legit AFK, and that life happens, but I am absolutely sure that if there is an alert we can reduce the amount of forfeited games.

I have three friends who have purchased a month of CS:GO premium, are looking to purchasing premium for a year, but non-connects at the beginning of games have kept them from making the commitment. There’s revenue being left on the table and I know a simple alert will fix that.

Best regards,

Screwtch Magooch