CS:GO Free to play smurf


Recently I have been coming up against a lot of opponents on ‘CS:GO’ when their account was created on “9 December 2018” or later. And they all have a small number of games played (below 50); when you check their steam account sometimes it says that it isn’t even available to the community, hinting that it is a brand new steam account, and others they are level 0, no info on the account and no friends/groups.

I think that you should not be able to link your steam account until you have had said game for at least 30 days as this reduces the number of smurfs from CS:GO going free and also allows people who aren’t smurfing to have gained a good amount of experience and have a fun time playing the game.

In conclusion there needs to be something implemented to stop all of these smurfs and people creating fresh steam accounts, yes you give bans for multi-account but that does not restore any elo you lose; they could be level 10, 3k elo and make a smurf to level 3 and play with their friends and completely destroy people in level 6 or so and they people that lost the game would not get their elo reinstated and that is unfair. Something needs to be done soon.


Only restrictions for cs go is 25 hours. They really need to update this number even because cs go now is f2p. But I doubt that they will do some changes.