Cs go faceit points not working



I AM A PAYING monhtly support package and i have wins on my account but never receiving any points??? but my friend is




Hi @lukeyybrown

FACEIT points are not awarded for every won game. There are many ways you can earn them. I believe the most popular are:

  • tournaments
  • events such as Premium Nights, Community Nights, Daily Unranked Ladders etc.
  • being top ranked player of your league at the end of the season
  • FACEIT missions (if they are available for you)

You need to activate the event before playing your matches in order to make them count.


This now makes sense

can you activate the monthly and daily at the same time?

many thanks


also why would i have 9 wins in my league bu 0 points?


You gain and lose league points depending on victories or defeats in your quick matches.

If you want to know more, please take a look at How does FACEIT’s league system work?