CS:Go Elo system sucks, no more money from me



just stating, that I will not be purchasing anymore premium/supporter for this platform, because of the elo system is so horribly bad in cs:go, not rewarding the players as it should. More detailed reasons below.

It is ridicilious how the elo functions when playing with level 4/5 account and with & against higher level players (8 - 10 ). Basically getting 10 - 17 elo when winning, and losing 30 - 40 elo when losing a match.

Basically my elo is stayin still when at the same time the win rate is getting better. I would not complain if in every match I had under 1 K/D or not contributing otherwise when playing with higher level players – but this is not clearly the case, I compete even heals with the higher level players.

Elo system should represent roughly the skill level of the players, here it is just failing miserably. I’m not even going to start discussing how ELO system is developed for 1vs1 games here, but rather I want to state that with little tweaks it could easily be made at least a bit more fair when adding invidual factors affecting gain/loss of elo per match.

For example last 28 games, 20 wins and 8 losses, putting overall elo development during these games pretty much ±0. Simply ridicilious.