CS:GO crashing on load and even when I get it to start it says steamid is not allowed

My csgo will fail to even load in the first place when i’m in a matchroom it won’t even start; the only way I get it to start is either by restarting computer or by using the connect to server button rather than the ip address and when the game starts it says my steamid isn’t allowed and I end up getting a cooldown it has to be something with my antivirus or something. All steam files are verified i’m running no cheats or vpns or anything besides cs, steam, faceit and its ac, discord and spotify. am I really gonna have to go through and make it so all my faceit files are excluded from antivirus software search or what. Please help i’m extremely frustrated (note: I am logged into the right acct on steam and I don’t believe anything has changed)

update I assume it was due to my antivirus since it blocked “suspicious” attempts to connect to an ip at the exact times I tried to connect how would I make it so faceit and the ac would be able to bypass my antivirus