Countless amount of cheaters. Fix



Blatant cheater within a que ;team has about 3 cheaters. His whole team would give us a round and lose a round on purpose to drag out the game with 3 overtimes. Has it all, walls and aim. I know faceit isn’t going to do anything so I honesty don’t know why I even try. I gave faceit a try for around 40 matches. Not only were a quarter of them not starting, but also got leavers in the early rounds. Oh I don’t even want the start with the amount of the most blatant cheaters ( even more blatant than the ones in a fp2 match) I’ve ever seen. I know faceit doesn’t care but at least make an effort for the few that care about the game and want to excel in it. And do not get me wrong I am not a bad csgo player. I am shocked these cheaters aren’t banned. Getting losing streaks of 8 to 9. Deranked from level 8 to 4 then 3 in hours. I wouldn’t even recommend esea matter of fact because they have the same problems if not more. If the faceit administrators are reading this, please for the love of god make faceit good. I uninstalled faceit numerous times because I felt it wasn’t worth my time. I am not toxic. I (if anything) bring the team back together.


Provide match room link and suspect names.


For the match with the suspected cheaters.
Names: ElementaLoki
And honestly if they may not be cheating for the very small chance I can provide my previous matches that i was talking about in the 40 matches.

Keep in mind how they play positions and how they stack sites, and avoid certain areas to seem “legit”. Look at how other teammates stay in places after receiving information to rotate.


Sorry for double reply but since I can’t post more than two links in one post here are the links of the other suspected cheaters. KGLoliLove


ElementaLoki, KGLoliLove, Hagglings not cheating. Clean game.

I suggest check demo before complaining.


Fuck I guess counter strike is an easy game. Rewatched it the second time and fuck the game is like in slow motion for them.


They made mistakes. Nothing special.

P.S. Please without coarse words.


Ok for the third time I watched it I can still see weird crosshair placements and aimlocks. On a few occasions the three that I mentioned spray but then continue their spray even when the person is behind a unwallbangable wall. You do not have to respond I still stand by my verdict. And like I said on the slight chance they might not be closet cheating, they can be retired supremes from 2 years ago that forgot big portions of the game and have the mechanical skills of a closet cheater.
Evidence: prefire on round 13-13 from elemental on market, How they keep suggesting “we are going to get lucky one of these rounds” I don’t know about you but its foreshadowing their comeback with some weird plays.

AND NOW THAT I WATCH HIM MORE I CAN SEE ALL THE WEIRD PREFIRES HE DOES. but he is not cheating to faceit standers :slight_smile:


There was no weird plays. I suggest you to play more DM and watch pro demos. Its all about game sense and sound. Trust me!


Bro its a psychological game. Look at round 21-20. The guy my teammates are calling out tells him to not rotate and stay where he was. When he was rotating. I have experience and when I info peaked him ramp he would know that I was there and rotate quickly to b. When I would go to cut off his rotate. Guess what his teammate says stay there “f**k it”. You know it’s weird he would say that. But not enough experience. Thank you for your help. I’m done responding.