Couldnt join the match


i just couldnt join my match.
my ac was online and internet works.
help, i dont deserve this ban and im scared to start another match.


great support.
telling my that their policies have changed and bans cant be removed.
so i have to queue again and risk another ban which will be longer?
this is not helping.
stupid joke. im an idiot, i just renewed my premium for 1 year:


You might get a lot better support if you actually write what happened?

“it didnt work” is a hard nut to crack and i dont think anyone is able to actually help you if you dont describve what is going wrong.

If i can i will help you even though im not associated with faceit or support, but i would need to get more info than “it doesnt work” :slight_smile:


i explained them the problem.
but luckily mvp “miller” helped me out.