Community Highlight Weekly Competition | 4th Dec, 2017



We’re starting up a new Competition on the FACEIT Forums where you can get your hands on a piece of 10,000 FACEIT Points and a month of FACEIT Premium for submitting your sweet highlight clips from FACEIT matches!

The highlight clips, if selected, will be published to our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) with credit given to you! If your clip is posted, you will be awarded a month of FACEIT Premium immediately and a split of 10,000 FACEIT Points once the week has ended.

This competition will renew every Monday (this week it will renew on 11th Dec)


  • Submit a video clip link of your play from a FACEIT Match in this forum thread using the template below.

    • Any games played on FACEIT are eligible for submission!
    • The clip can be submitted from any video streaming site (YouTube, Twitch Clips, Plays TV, etc.).
  • Clips must be under 60 seconds long (the shorter the better usually!).

  • Clips must be from your perspective (this can include death cams from other players).

  • Multiple entries are allowed.

    • Each entry must be on submitted as a new reply.
  • Clips may not include:

    • Music, Editing, Excessive swearing / insults / etc. (use your common sense).
    • Stream highlights are allowed, provided the music isn’t too loud on the clip.
  • Clips should be submitted using the following template:

    URL for Clip:
    Your social links, if applicable (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page, etc.) (this is so we can credit you when posting the clip!)

Last week’s competition can be found here: Community Highlight Weekly Competition | 27th Nov, 2017

This Week's Winners

@QueenSandra - Post - Twitter Post - Facebook Post

Once a clip has been submitted into this thread, you provide permission to FACEIT to edit and publish the original content across all of our social media channels with credit provided to the postee and, if included, a link to the postee’s social page.

Community Highlight Weekly Competition | 11th Dec, 2017


Game: CS GO


Game: CS GO


Game: CS GO


Game: CS:GO
URL for Clip:


Game: CS:GO
Twitter: PGeeez




Game: CS:GO
URL for Clip:


Game: CS:GO

Socials: Twitter: @Styl_exe