Coming to this platform is the worst experience I have ever had


1st game on this platform and I got a pretty laggy match without any skill balance and with 2 bullies, 1 totally unskilled player, and 1 afk in my team. NICELY DONE, FACEIT!
FACEWHAT? What is that “IT” in FaceIT? Probably “IT” means “the worst gaming experience”. Good luck and have fun.


Maybe it’s only 1st game. I should not say that. I’ll give it second chance!


Yeah. Now I am sure tht it is the worst gaming platform ive ever seen.Seems like here on lower ranks playing only trolls, afkers, leavers, and totally unskilled players. You will just waste your time if you will try to boost your rank. Maybe it is possible with cheats, but i dont know. After first game I got 2 canceled games when players are failed to connect. And on third time I got 2 idiots in my team that are constantly speaking on unknown language and listening music and i cant mute them because of strange BUG (probably FaceIT’s bad). Only me and another one guy was trying to won that.
It is horrible platform. Never played with that bad guys. After first game I was rank 1. Second game was even worse. I dont know what is my ELO now, and I dont want to know.
I will tell all my friends that they shouldn’t play here.