Client of Mac


Why does Faceit not have Mac Client? Its quite inconvient for our passionate Mac players. Although I understand that not many players are using Mac but still some. The situation I am here is that I have no idea what happened to my account and I need to download anti-cheat, which doesnt have a MacOS version. And I am totally stuck in the situation for at least 5 months. Id like to use faceit to play csgo and so do other Mac players. Why doesnt Faceit do something about it? I am fine to pay as long as I can play in this fanscinating platform.


Yes because Mac is not for gaming!


Im having the same issue, can not login int daily free ladder. cant play faceit basically, happened for the first ime out of ±150 games


Same issue here. Please, if you play on a Mac, reply to main post. They must know we play games also…


There was multiple posts before and got attention from staff so I dont think it will change something!


Ok :___(


i dont play on mac, but i can understand the frustration. its been brought to their attention multiple times and they still seem to not care about mac users unfortunately.


Mac users account for about 4% of the community, so the “Mac is not for gaming” argument is void.