Check validity admin actions


check the validity of the admin( actions in this game He is restarting server without reason.


Hey werzotto,

The admin handled this match the same as all matches that have a complaint of issues with it. Our policies are to always move the server if the match is started and ongoing and if there is a complaint of lagg or of high ping in the match.

The volunteer team is here to provide all players with the same level of technical support. They want to try to ensure that the match is as fair as possible. So when a game is reported for a issue of lagg or spiking or high ping they will always initially move the server to a new location to see if this alleviates the issue. The admin in question handled this case properly and efficiently to ensure that all players were able to continue playing the match as quickly as possible.

We understand it can be an inconvenience to move servers mid game but we do have a fully functioning round match medic system which will always start you from that last round played on the original server.

We see that you still did end up winning the match after the server was moved and thank you for your patience while we tried to make the match as fair as possible for all players in the game.