Cheats cheats cheats

Hello, now I am in despirate state of mind because of cheaters. Just play faceit and enemy was very suspisious so I googled Cheats and actually you can play on faceit undetected! What I am paying for? For play against cheaters?

Maximum disapointment about faceit guys. Just tried CHEATS on different account: Kurvadrat1 - just tried few rounds and then disconected, you can ban account or whatever, but halo!!! You can download freaking cheat for free and just do headshots :slight_smile: ez game. Idk what to say :((( Can you do anything about this? Because like there is no way I am paying fort this!

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they def need to up the anti cheat game … its getting no better then MM

Exactly, its take 5 min to create new account on Stream and Face It and you can use even free cheats. Pathetic!

We not alone in this thinking…

If face it admins would stop to review there reviews. Lots of people are tired of cheating. Come here in hopes its better and leave dis pointed.

Yep, last review is mine - I hope they will notice. Pathetic! Charging money for FREE game server FULL of cheaters. Pay me to play there :smiley:

I was wondering who’s review that was there. I wouldn’t give them a dime at this point either.
Rather waist my money on esea.

this looks promising I hope they adopt it :?

20 hour will enough for new account maybe i should try some cheat i was always wondering :slight_smile:

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Nothing will change i battled to lvl 10 just so i can get spanked by low-life cheaters amazing gameplay but maybe buy premium? just kidding its even worse… FACEIT wake up maybe?? your platform is dying…

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