Cheating suspicious (4 players, AC_ON)


/csgo/room/1-f4f50adb-2e72-4d7a-9c30-7c7f864399c0 -matchlink

suspected players

  • ELEK (rounds 4-12)
  • GEHA (all game) start demo from any round for see walling without info + all nades to the model with no any reason and info from teammates.
  • DARKILLEUR (rounds 10-16) obviously wallhack)
    -MICOOO ( rounds 2-16) 0 hiding with that, walling all the time

want to add also that there are new accounts, and please read comments on their profiles, all about cheating, people blaming them

I’ve finished watch demo already, please watch few acionts and do an action in that case. Its horrible to see when 40% players on the server cheating with no any reason. ban this animals immediately. Thanks


Hey! This is a forum and not a place for cheating reports sadly!

Please use the report buttons on the match room page and the AC will do it’s work.

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