Cheating in faceit with full stack


i have played competetive match on dust 2 on sweden server. i played against full stack premades with 10 level and they absolutely cheating. one of them. PLZ< FACEIT DO SOMETHING WITH THEM> SO MANY DAYS IM THINKING ABOUT ESEA< BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS SO IM STILL HERE. Just check them and ban if they r cheating. im not 100% sure one of them has wallhack. ty.


Please, share room link to check demo.
I can say that Faceit like ESEA has strong AC and when someone is cheating they get ban instantly. So its hard to say.
Before Faceit had more active Admins but now Faceit has major issue with Admins and Admins who review reports, false kicks etc.


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I watched demo, enemy team played clean, tryhard game. They have better skill overall.

What you and your team done wrong:

  1. Stop blame each other from first round.
  2. You started blame enemy player at round 3 even you have no evidence.
  3. You all don`t give info.


okay, thx for ur work and attention. but i was absolutely sure some1 is cheating