Fix this client’s anticheat already. It is so boring to play faceit these days, too many blatant cheaters, too many wallers and aimers, too many smurfs and new accounts with barely any hours literally wrecking everyone. It’s unfair to play such a game. Even better, the togglers are my personal favorite. Lose 5 rounds in a row, and one dude starts literally destroying everyone (prefiring, through smoke, walls…). Fix this ASAP, do something about this, throw out bans, literally anything, but not this.


Match link. Provide specific rounds and suspect name.


every game is minimum one cheater, REPORT button is for nothing. there is no admins for check it. all the reported faceit profiles are not checked anyway. steam prolfiles with all comments about cheating means nothing for them. this game is dead as fck…


If a player is better than you, that doesn’t mean he’s cheating!