Cheater not banned, for over a year


I have reported this user, recorded an obvious video, sent it to support they said they will deal with this, it’s been an year already and he’s still not banned. Like this is a joke Lol.

Just watch this video.


Link the user profile with it maybe?

Seems very sketchy indeed. Have you seen him lately?


He will not be banned))) It faceit))))))))


Yes he still plays in the premium league, link to his profile is in the video description.



I have checked tickets on the video URL you have posted in the thread and have found the player you have reported already banned,

I have not seen any mention on the player ble4ch in your ticket, it’s been handled by my colleague and the necessary action has been taken.

The player ble4ch is required to always use the FAC, even on the free queue, therefore reports via the matchroom with the thumbsdown button are more effective once the player is required to use the Anti Cheat.