Cheater how to deal with them?

Friends, I want to touch on a very important topic.

I played on the face for a couple of months, I realized that even here they cannot save me from the cheaters. I decided to monitor Google and see what the answers to the requests are. At the simplest request, “Cheats CS Faceit” I immediately received 4-5 answers where I can buy a wallhack that will work on the face and bypass the anti-cheat for $ 1.

Friends, at this very moment my whole world turned upside down. Even lost in principle to play games.

Maybe as it is possible that the anti-cheat is updated every day? changing the algorithms and what would the cheat makers have time to adapt their cheats? because after that when I found out that this information is literally at hand, and any player can buy wallhack in 10 minutes and kill everyone and everything.

I have been playing the face for 2 months and until today, and make bypass premium faceit. I couldn’t even think that cheaters could play here. It became much clearer and clearer.

I urge admins to better deal with this problem.

link on cheat

If I broke any rules, sorry.