Cheat faceit premium

hi guys this is a cheater or what?

Win Rate % in 43 match with
Average K/D Ratio

and this some stats and play with him where is the anticheat? where is the admin? this site so full cheater lol

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FACECHEAT it’s here


ban this fuc**ng cheater or i have to cheat to in this shit platform?

No worries. One day he’ll be asked to visit Faceit and play next to admins.

one day? maybe in 2 years? lol now is lv 10 with 100% win rate nice :smiley: win league ez

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faceit is shit anti cheat is shit 1 euro not work nothing the admin cheatter and win ladder


I also played against it. it is unplayable and it is true that nobody does anything !!! We should not pay anything anymore. I already regretted having paid the premium.
But beyond who pays and who does not and plays for free, it is necessary to maintain a fair and severe service and AC anticheat does not work very well and if a cheat is punished severely with a permabanned. Not even in FPL do they have stats like this !!!

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shitttttttttt faceit shitttttttttttttttt